I speak from experience.

You need a voice for your next project. But not just any voice.

You worked hard crafting that copy. The last thing you want now is your listeners getting distracted or bored. Your message is too important.

You must connect with your audience. But how?

Empathy. Authenticity. Credibility. Authority.

For that, you’ll need someone who has been around the block a few times. A guy who’s seen and done some things.

I’m that guy.

I bring decades of broad business experience spanning a diverse array of industries and professions:

  • Health care
  • Law, criminal and civil courts
  • Politics and government
  • Broadcast and print media
  • Higher education
  • Non-profits and charities
  • Commercial property managment
  • Technology


As a writer I’ve published features for a local business journal and drafted SEO-friendly content for websites. I spent years on-air in major market news/talk radio, producing live shows, anchoring behind the mic and breaking news as a beat reporter, covering hot-button issues, crime, business, pop culture and sports.

I’ve sold stuff…lots of stuff.  And by that I mean signed contracts and serious money exchanged for premium goods and services: real estate. Executive recruiting. Managed IT. Name-brand luxury items. 

My work has taken me to some unexpected settings, addressing powerful boards of directors and conversing with members of Congress, U.S. senators, governors and civic leaders.

But I’ve also done time in thankless dead-end jobs: busboy. Hospital orderly. Dismal customer service and telemarketing call centers.

As Johnny Cash once said: “I’ve been everywhere, man.”

From big cities to the suburbs to rural America… 

From Fortune 500 conference rooms to modest mom-and-pop shops…

From the rarified air of the academic, corporate and cultural elite to the drudgery of the working-class everyman… 

I’ve been there and lived it.

I’ve known folks from every walk of life…and I speak their language.

From attorneys to artists, bankers to bakers, teachers to preachers, cops to crooks, activists to ethicists, hipsters to hucksters, rockers to ‘rasslers, saints to sinners, CEOs, VIPs, MDs, PhDs, yuppies, preppies, techies, trekkies, foodies, groupies and every kind of quirky personality in between – I’ve crossed paths with ’em all.

I draw from this colorful palette of people, places and memories to infuse your script with nuance, confidence, deep understanding and a real-world sensibility. I’ll work with you to bring just the right tone, context and impact to your words in a way that resonates with your target audience.

I’ll also toss in my rich, warm natural baritone, honed from years of on-air work and ongoing training with the best voiceover coaches in the business. 

Shake all this up and stir, and you’ve got something pretty cool:

A voice of experience...telling your story.

Could I be the right fit for your next project?

I’d love to brainstorm and collaborate with you. Let’s see about creating something memorable and great together.